Our projects

Who we are

We are those who do not take their eyes off the breathtaking machines moving over waters and lands. And those who help develop these machines, give them shape and help to form their features.

What we have done

• Static strength and fatigue and DT calculations of various parts of primary and secondary metal and composite structures of Airbus aircraft: A380, A400M, A330, A350 XWB, A319 / A320 NEO

• Static strength calculations of L-39NG primary structure assemblies

• Static strength and some aerodynamic calculations of L-410NG aircraft primary structure assemblies

• Static strength calculations, preparation of tests, creation of analytical tools and design evaluation from manufacturability point of view of so-called monuments (kitchens, staircases, stowages and crew rest compartments of large passenger aircraft etc.)

• Static strength analysis and optimization of ultralight UL-39 composite fuselage

• Development and design of experimental unmanned aerial vehicles for worldwide student competitions

• Harmonic analysis of compressors to reduce noise emissions

• Static strength calculations of Bombardier C-Series Wing Fixed Leading Edge (Airbus A220)

• Static strength and aerodynamic calculations of primary and secondary structures of Aero-270 aircraft

• Notable experience with leading international stress calculation teams

What drives us forward

  • We want to be among those who make flying more efficient, safer and more attractive to a larger group of public.


Our partners